Detroit Travel – A Walking Tour of Brush Park and Dinner at the Ren Cen

After having learned so much about architecture during my morning walking tour of downtown Detroit, we embarked on another urban discovery: a walking tour through Brush Park, one of Detroit’s historic residential areas with a location very close to downtown. Bob Goldsmith, our local expert from Detroit Tour Connections, met us at 97 Winder Street, location of a recently restored bed and breakfast, and started explaining the history of the area to us.

In its Victorian heydays, Brush Park was an affluent neighbourhoood with numerous mansions for upper-class families. The area’s beginnings date back to the 1850s when local entrepreneur Edmund Brush started subdividing his family’s property. Construction activity peaked in the 1870s and 1880s, and in 1906 one of the last mansions to be built was renowned Detroit architect Albert Kahn’s personal residence.

The neighbourhood stretches for 24 city blocks and originally included about 300 homes of which 70 were Victorian mansions. As transportation and the use of the automobile expanded in the early 20th century, people started moving further afield, and the Brush Park area started on a long road of decline. Many of the houses were subdivided into smaller apartments during the Great Depression, and during the post-war years numerous houses were abandoned altogether and fell into disrepair.

Many of the abandoned mansions started to attract criminal activity and in many cases the city moved to demolish the homes, leaving large empty lots of land behind. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “urban prairie.” At the turn of the new millennium, less than half of the original structures were still standing in Brush Park.

Bob, a true Detroit connoisseur, came equipped with a series of articles about the various historic structures, many of which outlined the new owners’ story and the cost and extent of the renovation effort. Brush Park was truly an interesting experience, with its mix of beautifully restored mansions that might sit right next to a burned out ruin which in turn might be located adjacent to an empty plot of land where one of the former buildings had been taken down.

The highlight of our tour was when a local resident invited us to come inside her apartment: Lisa Rush, a friend of Bob’s, recently bought a renovated studio apartment in one of the historic apartment buildings in Brush Park. As we were walking through the neighbourhood, Bob called her and she invited us in to show us the apartment. She even offered us to use her washroom if we needed to.

Lisa’s apartment is a sleek studio with a living room area and features a kitchen with an island and a bedroom area that are all aligned in a long rectangular space. Off to the side was the bathroom. Lisa is a member of Preservation Wayne, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and protecting Detroit’s defining neighbourhoods and structures. Lisa was just celebrating with a few friends, and I was amazed that she would invite three complete out-of-town strangers into her beautiful apartment. This local connection was definitely unexpected and totally exceeded my standard expectations of hospitality.

Walking further north on John R Street we turned left and walked by a mansion that is owned by a University of Windsor professor who restored a beautiful Victorian era home that dates back to 1870. Similar to Lisa, this professor has also invited Bob’s tour participants into his personal home to show them his art collection. A welcoming attitude like this where locals open their private homes to complete strangers would probably be unheard of in many other places.

We also saw two churches, right next to one another, one boarded up and out of use for several years now while the neighouring church was a fully intact impressive Richardson Romanesque sandstone building. A few steps further up the street is the Bonstelle Theater, which was originally designed by Detroit architect Albert Kahn as Temple Beth El in 1903. Historic buildings abound in this area of Detroit.

On our way south on Woodward we stopped at the upscale Zaccaro’s Market at 3100 Woodward Avenue which offers a variety of delicatessen and fresh, organic foods. Detroit has a marked absence of large supermarkets, so stores like Zaccaro’s fill in an important need for local residents.

Our tour was slowly coming to an end and Bob took us back to Winder Street. This walking tour had certainly started to introduce us to some of the historic and socio-economic issues of Detroit as well as some of the recent rejuvenation efforts that have happened over the last 10 years.

After a coffee inside the stunning Guardian Building and a brief rest at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel my travel partner Linda and I were ready to head out again and decided to explore another Detroit landmark: the Detroit People Mover. This 3 mile (4.5 km) long transportation system hauls people through downtown Detroit on a single-track one-way loop. It only moves in one direction (at present in a clockwise direction) and encompasses 13 stations throughout the central business district.

We entered the People Mover at the Renaissance Center, and the two rail cars were absolutely packed due to a Detroit Red Wings game. Detroit is a big sports town, with six professional sports teams, the most well-known of which include the Detroit Tigers (baseball), the Detroit Lions (football) and the Detroit Red Wings (hockey). Fans dressed in red hockey jerseys were entering the vehicle, and things were getting crowded. For tourists, the heavily subsidized People Mover transportation system is a great way to get around the downtown area and even do some sightseeing from the elevated vantage point. At a cost of only $0.50 per ride it is an absolutely affordable and fun way to see different parts of the city.

The entire People Mover loop took us about 20 minutes and brought us right back to where we started. We went inside the Renaissance Centre, the world headquarters of General Motors since 1996. The seven building complex includes the 73-storey Marriot Hotel which is the highest hotel in the Western hemisphere. The top of the Marriott is crowned by the Coach Insignia restaurant, which is also the largest rooftop restaurant.

We admired the large GM showroom on the main floor as well as the five-storey Wintergarden, an airy glass enclosed space which provides access to the Riverfront and a great view of Windsor across the river. Now hungry from all our explorations we headed straight to the rooftop to see if we could have dinner at Coach Insignia.

Although the restaurant was packed and we did not have a reservation, we were able to get a seat by the bar and were fascinated by the gorgeous view over the Detroit River, Windsor and the Detroit business district. Belle Isle was visible in the north and the Ambassador Bridge dominated the view in the south. We enjoyed a tasty series of vegetarian appetizers of which the asparagus with sauce hollandaise and the Caesar salad truly stood out.

We spent a fabulous evening at the top of Detroit and enjoyed the slowly sinking sun and the golden glow it cast over the city. Tired and satisfied after a long day of explorations we headed back for a good night’s sleep to the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel. We definitely needed to rest up since tomorrow our discoveries would take us to The Henry Ford Museum and the recently renovated Detroit Institute of Arts.

Fighting Anxiety With the America’s Number One Anti Anxiety Medications

Anxiety is never fun. The worries and fears causing anxiety can prevent individuals from living their lives fully. There are many psychological and physiological symptoms associated with anxiety. This includes restlessness, anticipating the worst, irritability, apprehension, pounding heart, muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, frequent urination, and tremors. Many individuals, who do suffer from anxiety, are also likely to suffer from depression at all. They both arise from an identical biological vulnerability, and depression can make anxiety worse.

There are ways individuals can take an active role in their life to reduce anxiety, including getting a good night’s sleep, eating well and exercising on a daily basis, eliminating caffeine from a diet, and learning ways to relax, such as a massage or a nice bath with candles. However sometimes individuals need a little bit more than that to treat the symptoms of anxiety. They are looking for an anti-anxiety medication that will also combat depression.

There is good news for these folks. Individuals are now about to buy Generic Xanax online from online pharmacies. Generic Xanax, also known as Alprazolam, is from the benzodiazepine drug family. When individuals get anxious or depressed, there is a unique imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Generic Xanax works to correct this imbalance by slowing down the nerve impulses in the brain. This instills a sense of calmness and relaxation throughout the body. Men and women become less anxious and depressed, and are able to live throughout the day regularly.

This FDA approved oral anti-anxiety treatment has proven to be an effective component of any anti-anxiety or antidepressant regimen since the 1970s. Generic Xanax enables individuals to feel good again and mend relationships that were broken by crippling anxiety and depression. Generic Xanax is one of the most popular anxiety medications on the market because it can be taken on an as needed basis. Individuals are able to pop a pill when they start feeling anxious to lower the likelihood of the occurrence of a panic attack.

Online Real Estate for Affiliate Market Newbies

Owning your own piece of the web is as simple as choosing a domain name and registering it. Affiliate marketing allows for financial freedom for people who wish to work from home. Bearing in mind the similarities between online real estate and actual physical real estate as well as the differences when choosing names can be very helpful particularly when choosing the names for affiliate marketing purposes or AdSense and AdWords campaigns.

Choosing a name that has something in common with the product that will be promoted will help with rank as well as make it more likely for potential customers who use search engines to click on it. Short names with letters only are ideal, however they are increasingly difficult to find and purchase. As with a local store the value of the domain and name will be higher if it is one that has existed for some time.

Expired domain names or parked names are two areas to search for older names. Sites that sell domain names often feature a buying service which will act as an intermediary for the purchase. Generally a dot com name will be the highest in value with others on a gradient scale according to their suffix. Choosing a dot info site for an affiliate marketing venture is generally not recommended as people generally consider them information sites.

Hosting for the domains provides many options which range from free parking to packages which will host unlimited domains for a monthly fee. While there are many options and packages to choose from in general an affiliate marketer will prefer to use paid hosting. Often the free hosts have requirements that may interfere with the design and marketing concept.

Many web hosts will feature website themes with plug ins and widgets at low or no cost. Adding analytics and AdSense to a site as well as using search engine web host tools will help marketers see their strengths and weaknesses in traffic and even where it originated! Many hosting plans offer their own statistics as well under their cpanel for domains and subdomains.

Affiliate marketers will want to join one or more of the many available affiliate programs and choose products geared to their target markets. Providing updated and real information that will help readers and potential customers when they land on the site will help to build a long term relationship which will drive customers to return.

Choosing keywords which correlate to the topic as well as with the product that is being sold through the site will aid in the site ranking which drives more customers to the landing pages. Posting articles on various sites with hyperlinks and tags or keywords listed which connect with the site will also aid in page ranking.

For anyone wishing to own online real estate for the use of affiliate marketing there are many courses available both for free and for varying prices. Beginning inexpensively and doing research will help to understand the process and allow the user to see if this is actually how they want to work from home before laying out large amounts of cash, although it also may be frustrating when you need answers or to have information laid out step by step. Online affiliate marketing is an ever increasing method used to create financial freedom and residual income.

Divorce Laws – Making a Clean Break Easy

Divorce is a painful and extremely difficult process. Knowing how divorce laws function and understanding the court’s role in a divorce can help to make this transition smoother and easier, however.

Divorce laws govern the dissolution of a marriage. Every country has its own laws regarding divorce and, in fact, they can vary from state to state or province to province within a nation. Knowing your jurisdiction’s laws can keep a bad situation from becoming worse, and save you future turmoil.

In the United States, divorce laws, in general, provide two basic forms of divorce: fault based and no-fault based. However, even in some jurisdictions whose laws do not require a party to claim fault of their partner, a court may still take into account the behavior of the parties when dividing property, debts, evaluating custody, and support.

Fault-based divorces can be contested and may involve allegations of collusion of the parties, connivance, or provocation by the other party.

In a no-fault divorce, the dissolution of a marriage does not require an allegation or proof of fault of either party. Forty-nine states have adopted no-fault laws, with grounds for divorce including incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, and irremediable breakdown of the marriage. New York is the sole exception where they still require a proof of fault.

About 95 percent of divorces in the US are “uncontested,” because the two parties are able to work out an arrangement concerning property, debt, children and support issues. When the parties can agree and present the court with a fair and equitable agreement, approval of the divorce is almost guaranteed. If the parties can’t work out their differences, the laws govern the fair and equitable disposition of these issues.

Divorce laws generally recognize two types of property during property division proceedings – marital property and separate property. Marital property consists of property that the spouses acquire individually or jointly during the course of marriage. Separate property constitutes any property that one spouse purchased and possessed prior to the marriage and that did not substantially change in value during the course of the marriage because of the efforts of one or both spouses. Under modern divorce laws, separate property is returned to its original owner, while marital property is divided according to negotiated settlement and what the court deems equitable.

In cases involving children, these laws can attempt to ensure the matter does not spill over into the family court system. In many jurisdictions, they require divorcing parents to submit a parenting plan spelling out each party’s rights and responsibilities.

Divorce laws also provide for the establishment of alimony, often depending on the length of the marriage and other factors. Spousal support is becoming less common, however, as more women are entering the workforce and earning their own income.

Some Quick Tips That Can Save You From a Driving Ticket

Getting a driving ticket is one of those horrible stresses that can really ruin our day. While the laws of course exist for a reason and it’s important for us to try and follow them, it’s just all-too easy much of the time for us to slip up and make a mistake or to forget for a moment what you are doing. Here we will look at some quick tips that can help you to avoid these mistakes and the hefty fine that often comes with them.

Drive When You’re Most Alert

Driving very tired and distracted is often almost as bad as driving drunk and can lead to the same number of mistakes/decreased reflexes. If it’s little mistakes you’re trying to avoid, then you need to be as on the ball as possible and this means making sure that you are awake and alert and that you also have the best possible visibility from your vehicle.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving means driving in such a way that you are able to avoid interruptions and obstructions. For instance then this involves driving more slowly and hanging back from the cars in front of you rather than following them too closely behind. This ensures you have more opportunity to react to the vehicles directly in front of you and are less likely to crash should they stop suddenly for instance. Likewise it involves hanging back at cross roads and roundabouts rather than ‘risking it’ by pulling out and potentially forcing yourself and other traffic to have to stop. This kind of cautious driving can help to prevent accidents, but may also help you to reach your destination more quickly and even to be more fuel efficient.

Familiarise Yourself With the Laws and Speed Limits: Of course if you are hoping to stick to the law when you’re driving and avoid a ticket, then you need to ensure that you actually know what those laws are. Driving laws can vary from region to region, so you need to ensure that you are familiar with the laws specific to the area you’re visiting and that you look out for signs and warnings.

Don’t Risk It: Let’s be honest – there are times that many of us choose to ‘risk it’. Who hasn’t at some point come very close to running a light just as it changes because they’re in a hurry? Or parked their car somewhere when they’re unsure that it’s actually legal to leave it there? Many of us do it, but it’s a big mistake as in the long run it can result in a lot more ‘hassle’ than just being careful to start with. If ever you’re unsure – play it safe.

Stay Calm: Just as tiredness can cause us to make silly mistakes, so too can being very stressed or even angry. Managing your emotions and learning to stay calm is an important way to avoid making rash decisions or missing the obvious, so take some time to learn breathing techniques and other methods of keeping a level head.

Self Tanner’s Quality Must Be Reviewed Before Use

Tan creams are one of the most used skin care products. If you are a pale or white skinned woman and you would love to get the bronze look, then start using tan creams. Such creams also protect from the sunrays and give a hot look. You want to use the best tan creams so as to get golden brown skin color but it is highly depressing when they do not give the desired result and ruin the body color instead of enhancing it. You always want to look gorgeous and so you try various cosmetic and skin care products and it is difficult if you had to experience the bad result of the products. Therefore, you must always use the best of the products and so you must use the best self tanners.

First thing that comes to mind while thinking about the self tanners is the orange finish that they give. You cannot help but think about the past bad experience related with self tanners. It might have left orange streaks on your body leaving you distraught about your appearance. You would not have felt like stepping out of home for days. Tanning fiascoes make it difficult to trust any self tanners. So, choose the best self tanners to avoid experiencing troubles with your skin. Best self tanners are the ones that do not leave any streak or tint on the skin. The best self tanners would make the skin color look totally natural and make it glow.

The best self tanners would give you a sun kissed bronze look and leave a mild fragrance on your body. It is good to use the tanning cream that has natural ingredients. It must also have high quality blend of the ingredients. Tanning cream that provides nice and natural look must be trusted. Best self tanners are those that give the skin a healthy appearance. It should also give a lasting color along with good bronze look. It must also dry fast. They must be smooth to apply and moisturize the skin. Such products help to get the best tanned look without using tanning bed or having to lie under the sun for hours.

Best self tanner gives result in short time, so whenever you want to get that golden brown look apply it and be ready with new skin color in sometime. But just like you buy electronic device only after reading their reviews or decide to watch any movie after reading its reviews, you should read self tanner reviews and then buy it. While going through the tanner reviews check the ingredients used, result acquired and price. It is only going to benefit you from avoiding cheap quality self tanner if you read self tanner review before buying any self tanning cream. Tanners are also helpful to protect your skin during dry weather in winters or hot summers.

Tanner reviews will ensure that the best self tanner will take care of your skin and protect it from skin allergies, burns or other such problems.

Drug Rehabilitation is Only a Long Road Before You Start

In our society, it seems that drug addiction is so common; people are becoming immune to this fact. This is a dangerous scenario because it then becomes more difficult to realize there is a problem. It is true when there are groups that are addicted to drugs, it actually feels normal. This unfortunate fact means we are headed in the wrong direction. Those of us who are not addicted are simply bystanders and gawkers these days. We see them, we know they are there and need help, but we offer up no assistance. This group disassociation needs to be looked at further if we are to end this epidemic.

Now, new laws are being voted on to allow certain drugs to become legal. It is hard to tell if this is the right idea. Marijuana use steadily continues to climb and will never be stopped by law enforcement. On the other hand, this gateway drug may open the flood gates for more drugs to be experienced with by our impressionable youth. It just seems that we are always in a catch 22 type of situation.

Drug addiction leads to drug overdose because our tolerance level continually increases over time. There seems to be no solution. Whenever government steps to end drug distribution the dealers just continue to find new ways to distribute. If they are not going after the source, they are going after the users. Over the years we have seen that this simply has not worked. Drug rehabilitation seems to be where all arrows are pointing to. The problem with that is that most people do not seem to want to get help; or they do not recognize they have a problem. The time has come for intervention by others. If you know someone who is taking drugs, or is hooked on alcohol, it is time you act for them.

Allowing drugs to be legalized means more and more people will be walking around in a stupor, legally. This will be considered normal behavior by society. The answer lies in the treatment. With the help of drug rehabilitation clinics, we could be on our way to seeing some real changes that actually work; but this will only happen if you get involved with those you know that have a drug problem. Do not let your friends or loved ones suffer or ruin their lives; you have to get involved.

Do Self Tanners Really Work?

Every summer my sister and I are very impatient to get tan. We usually use various sun creams and sun oils. All stuff we used was supposed to help us get tan faster and deeper. Of course, we used only sun-protecting creams. We are “big girls” already and we know what the consequences of over exposure to the sun are. We have heard all the warnings of doctors and specialists so we knew that we have to find alternative ways to get a tan. Moreover, we really wanted to get a tan but sun exposure requires time. My sister told me that she had heard from her daughter about self-tanners. She claimed that my niece liked the results self-tanners were providing. From the moment I heard this I knew that I would give it a try.

Several years ago, I didn’t like the results of the self-tanners. I remember the orange people I have met. People who used self-tanners were gaining a strange orange tint. My sister was sure that self-tanners are not still so bad. She claimed that the self-tanners have improved a lot.

Just two days after our conversation about self-tanners, I met my sister. I noticed that she had gained a nice healthy tan. She told me she had applied a self-tanner three times after our previous conversation. She was very glad of the results the self-tanners gave but she only complained that knees and elbows were a bit dirty looking. She admitted that she had not followed the instructions concerning the knees and the elbows.

I was so amazed of the results that the self-tanner had given that after our lunch I went to drug store to purchase a self-tanner. I was surprised of the number of different self-tanners that are available on the market. There were so many brands and prices – I was not able to choose. The self-tanners offered by well-known companies were quite expensive. I just stated to read the labels of the self-tanners in order to make my decision easier.

I noticed another client of the drug store who was having a very nice and healthy tan. I approached her and I asked her whether she had used a self-tanner. She told me that she had tried a self-tanner in the past. She told me also that she thought that it would be better for me to take a moisturizer with self-tanners in it. She had found that moisturizers with self-tanners do not cause discoloration of the palms or knees and elbows.

So, I decided to purchase a moisturizer with self-tanner. Such product is easier to apply as you can use it as a body lotion after you take a bath for example. I applied this type of self-tanner and after a few days, I noticed that my skin has a wonderful tan. What is more, the moisturizer with self-tanners was much cheaper than the other products. I found out that self-tanners do not build up a base for tanning in the sun. I was glad that I have found a self-tanner that best matches my skin.

Run a Bed and Breakfast? What Travel Marketing Can Do For You

Are you a business owner who runs a bed and breakfast? If you are, have you been using travel marketing to your advantage? If you have not, it is about time that you start. As a bed and breakfast owner, you likely need to compete with larger hotels and vacation resorts. While it may seem like an impossible task to do, travel marketing can make it more than possible.

As a business owner, you are likely already familiar with marketing. Unfortunately, many business owners focus only on local marketing. Those who often market their business, or a bed and breakfast in your case, do not always give travel marketing or tourism marketing all of the attention that it deserves. By incorporating travel marketing into your business plan, you may start to see success almost right away. That success may result in more reservations and an increase in profits.

What is nice about travel marketing is that you have a number of different options. One of those options involves relying on the assistance of a professional travel marketing expert. Travel marketing experts are individuals who handle of all the marketing for you and your business. This often involves arrangements with those who operate online travel websites, to get your business listed in their directories or advertised on their websites. These are just a few of the many steps that a professional travel marketing expert may do to market your bed and breakfast to the public, namely tourists.

The good thing about travel marketing is that you do not have to rely on professional assistance; it is more than possible for you to do your own travel marketing, should you wish to do so. As previously mentioned, you can contact those who run online travel or tourism websites. You can ask to buy advertising space or see if you can get your bed and breakfast listed in their travel directory. Additional travel marketing steps that you can take involve contacting your local government to see if you can get space in their travel guides, creating an online website for yourself, and marketing that website to ensure that potential customers see it.

Travel marketing may seem like a lot of work, but it is work that will almost always pay off in the end. As a reminder, if you do not have the time or the energy to do your own travel marketing, you can seek professional assistance. To find an individual or a company who specializes in travel marketing, you may want to perform a standard internet search. Before choosing a travel marketing expert to do business with, it is important that you examine the services offered and everything that you will be provided with. This will help to ensure that your money will be money well spent.

How to Prepare for a Whitsundays Yacht Charter Trip

If it is your first time to go to a Whitsundays yacht charter trip, there are things that you have to bear in mind to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Sailing Whitsunday is definitely not any typical cruise because it offers something that is much more exciting and unique. It is the perfect choice if you prefer an intimate trip instead of sailing through a big cruise line.

There are two common types of yacht charter, crewed or skippered and bareboat charter. A crewed yacht allows you to go sailing with a crew. This includes a skipper or captain, chef, stewardesses, deckhands, engineers, professional scuba divers and others. On the other hand, a bareboat charter lets you rent a boat and skipper or drive it on your own. You could also gather up a group and rent the yacht all together. Some bareboat companies offer basic seamanship courses to prepare their clients before sailing on board.

Your Whitsundays yacht charter cruise could easily become the best trip ever especially when you properly prepare for it. Here are some of the things that you need to remember when you are going sailing.

    1. Determine the duration of your yacht cruise. This will help you decide how much food and picnic supplies you will need to bring. Bring extra snacks and pack up some lunch if you will be out all day. But if you are renting the yacht charter for a couple of days, load your kitchen with adequate food supplies.


    1. Bring a first aid-kit complete with bandages, alcohol, and other fast relief medicines. If one of the passengers is on some kind of medication, make sure that he has everything he needs.


    1. There are some places that have restrooms while others don’t. If you don’t have your own bathroom in your boat, might as well bring a portable potty and other bathroom supplies that you may need.


    1. Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion and lip protection balm. Apply a liberal amount of sunscreen unto your skin before you leave and reapply throughout the trip whenever needed.


    1. Pack insect repellent lotions and hand sanitizer. You may encounter some bug problems especially when you are planning to go fishing or traveling around on small islands. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands before you eat any food.


    1. Fill your cooler with a lot of water and other beverage. Do not attempt to navigate a boat if you are under the influence of liquor.


  1. Bring extra clothing. Wear your bathing suits, sunglasses, skid proof shoes and hats while on the boat.